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January 22, 2020

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Organisation Name: Libraries Building Communities - Online Survey Project
In late 2003, public libraries across Victoria participated in an Online Survey as part of the Libraries Building Communities project.

In order to build on this investment and ensure that libraries continue to have the quality information they need, an Online Survey of library users was undertaken in 2006.

There were two components to the Survey in 2006:

- A Census of all library users run in the first week of April (April 3 - 9)
- An Online Survey run from Wednesday April 18 through to 5 May

Both components of the project were instrumental in providing libraries with data about
- library use
- the importance of library services and resources to users and their satisfaction with these
- social capital and
- characteristics of users
  • Library Survey - Arabic
  • Library Survey - Chinese
  • Library Survey - English
  • Library Survey - Greek
  • Library Survey - Italian
  • Library Survey - Spanish
  • Library Survey - Vietnamese

  • Library Survey Poster
  • Survey Flyer / Reminder Card - Prints two per A4 page

  • Library Survey - Instructions: "Carrying out the Library Survey"

  • Library Survey - Training Session Presentation

  • Libraries Building Communities - Statewide Analysis and Comparisons Final Report
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