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January 24, 2020

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Organisation Name: The Future Starts Now: An analysis of the current library workforce in Victoria
Associate Professor Gillian Hallam, of Queensland University of Technology, presented some of the key findings from the AlIA/neXus/QUT research project, which aimed to develop a better understanding of the current LIS workforce in this country. Dr Hallam discussed the characteristics of the profession at the national level, with a deeper analysis of the responses provided by LIS professionals in Victoria generally, as well as by those employed in the public library sector specifically. Dr Hallam's research augments the Workforce Survey, Analysis and Planning project currently being undertaken by the State Library of Victoria to help the public library sector plan for a talented and committed workforce in the future.

2,346 library and information professionals from all over Australia participated in the neXus project, providing a rich source of demographic, educational and career data that allows us to build a clearer picture of the LIS profession in this country and to better comprehend the close relationship that exists between LIS education, recruitment and retention practices, and career long learning through staff training and development.

The PowerPoint slides used can be found below.
  • The Future Starts Now: An analysis of the current library workforce in Victoria

  • Analysis of the data collected in the neXus census with a particular focus on the findings relevant to public libraries in Victoria
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