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November 13, 2019

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Organisation Name: Margery C Ramsay and Barrett Reid Scholarship Reports
Since 1997, the Margery C Ramsay and Barrett Reid Scholarships have been awarded by the Library Board of Victoria to develop leadership potential in Victorian public library sector.

To share their learnings, Scholarship reports and papers are available below.

Previous Recipients

Margery C Ramsay Scholarship
Liz Pidgeon undertake a study tour of some of the largest and most significant family and local history facilities in the world, and attended two major international genealogy events.

Barrett Reid Scholarship
Leonee Derr, Melbourne Library Service
Leonee Derr toured public libraries in the US, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Estonia and Croatia to research best practice in library services for young adults aged 16 to 24.

Margery C Ramsay Scholarship
Catherine Killmier, Whitehorse Manningham Regional Library Corporation
Catherine toured Canadian and US libraries that have implemented community-led service delivery models with the aim of creating a community development framework for community hubs.

Barrett Reid Scholarship
Jennie Bolitho, Bayside Library Service
Jennie will visit the United Kingdom where public library-based bibliotherapy programs were pioneered and are well-established. She will visit libraries operating different models and undertake the ‘Get Into Reading’ training course, gaining accreditation as a trainer.

Margery C Ramsay Scholarship
Joanne Smith, Hobsons Bay Libraries
Joanne is researching the changing face of customer service, including the way the community 'shops', and how this might influence the design and layout of libraries in the future. Joanne plans to develop a toolkit for library services.

Margery C Ramsay Scholarship
Lesley Fell, Monash Public Library Service
A study tour of public library services in Arizona and Massachusetts that are leading the way in planning and implementing services and programs to meet the needs of baby boomers.

Barrett Reid Scholarship
Pam Howard, Outreach Services Manager, Goldfields Library Corporation
A study tour of library services in the United Kingdom that demonstrate collaboration with other community sectors in the delivery of innovative outreach services to rural and town centres.

Margery C Ramsay Scholarship
Michelle McLean, Casey-Cardinia Library Service
A study tour of US public library services to look at new ways of servicing virtual users and investigate latest technologies, equipment services, training and professional development.

Barrett Reid Scholarship
Anna Boland, Hume Global Learning Village Library Service
A study tour of public library literacy programs in USA to look at services that support and educate parents in their role as their child's most important teacher and involve the whole family in literacy learning.

Margery C Ramsay Scholarship
Shirley Prescott, Yarra-Melbourne Regional Library Corporation
A study tour of the United Kingdom to research training for public library staff in reader development and best practice in reading services.

Barrett Reid Scholarship
Lorraine Seeger and Bernardine Nolen, Eastern Regional Libraries Corporation
A study tour of public libraries and public library projects in the United Kingdom, addressing issues of social inclusion and its importance in building strong communities.

Margery C Ramsay Scholarship
Michael Byrne, Monash Public Library Service
A secondment to the Queens Borough Public Library in New York to investigate its holistic approach to community building.

Barrett Reid Scholarship
Gayle Rowden, Yarra Plenty Regional Library Service
A study tour of public libraries in the United Kingdom and Canada, investigating the services provided to the aged and housebound.

Margery C Ramsay Scholarship
Patti Manolis, Maribyrnong Library Service
A study tour of East Timor to better understand the needs of the East Timorese in the Maribyrnong community and to establish a network of contacts for sourcing of library materials in relevant languages.

Barrett Reid Scholarship
Helen Zibell, Mildura Rural City Council Library Service
A study tour to examine the operations and management of library consortia in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Margery C Ramsay Scholarship
Adele Keneally, Glenelg Regional Library
An investigation of successful public libraries and 'learning communnities' in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Barrett Reid Scholarship
Anne Armstrong, Monash Public Library
An evaluation of public library reference/information services in Australia.

Margery C Ramsay Scholarship
Natalie Brown, City of Greater Dandenong
A study tour of Canadian libraries, focused on delivering successful library services to a diverse community.

Barrett Reid Scholarship
Bruce Myers, Swan Hill Library Service
An examination in the United Kingdom of unconventional but realistic models for future country public libraries.

Margery C Ramsay Scholarship
Gennimaree Panozzo, Moreland City Libraries
A study tour of the United Kingdom to research the National Year of Reading and the National Reading Campaign to determine potential innovative programs that encourage reading.

Barrett Reid Scholarship
Pam Saunders, Yarra Plenty Regional Library
An internship at Netlibrary in Boulder, Colorado, to research the current status of e-Book technology and opportunities and challenges that e-Books will provide to Victorian libraries.

Margery C Ramsay Scholarship
Kerri Pleydell, Hume Moonee Valley Regional Library Corporation
A tour of American public libraries to study marketing and promotions and attend the American Library Association Public Library Conference.

Barrett Reid Scholarship
Anne-Marie Otley, Yarra-Melbourne Regional Library Corporation
An internship at the City of Melbourne’s Marketing and Communications Division.

Margery C Ramsay Scholarship
Anne Holmes, City of Boroondara Library Service
Benchmarks and performance indicators for negotiated service agreements.
  • Public Libraries in Learning Communities: A Research Paper by Adele Keneally
  • Thinking outside the square by Bruce Myers

  • Bibliotherapy by Jennie Bolitho
  • Breaking the Barriers: Social Inclusion Project in UK Libraries by Lorraine Seegar and Bernadine Nolen
  • Catherine Killmier- Programs, Partnerships and Placemaking
  • Engaging Young Adults by Creating a 'Geography of Yes!' in Public Libraries by Leonee Derr
  • Evaluation of Information Services in Public Libraries: Are we providing? by Anne Armstrong
  • Libraries: Where you going? Notes from study tour of libraries in East Timor by Patti Manolis
  • Local and Family History Services in the UK and USA by Liz Pidgeon
  • More than a few large print books: Baby Boomers public libraries and lifelong learning by Lesley Fell
  • Public Library Consortia: A study tour by Helen Zibell
  • Reader Development in the UK by Shirley Prescott
  • Reader Development Programs: The National Year of Reading and The National Reading Campaign by Genimaree Panozzo
  • Serving Diverse Communities: Findings from four North American Public Libraries by Natalie Brown (Report 2)
  • Serving the Sphere Public Libraries serving their virtual community by Michelle McLean
  • Study Tour of California Library Literacy Service and Early Learning Library Program by Anna Boland
  • The Library of the Future: Findings from the Richmond Public Library's 'Library of the Future' Project by Natalie Brown (Report 1)
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