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January 24, 2020

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Organisation Name: Dollars Sense and Public Libraries: Advocates Day
The Dollars, Sense and Public Libraries Advocates Day was held on Wednesday 6 April 2011 at the State Library of Victoria.

The Advocates Day was a critical component of the Building Knowledge for Library Advocacy project. The program for the day aimed to provide public library managers/CEOs and key advocacy stakeholders with an understanding of the findings from the research conducted into the socio-economic value of Victorian public libraries. The day equipped them with the report's key strategies to effectively influence funding decision makers.

SGS Economics & Planning provided a detailed presentation of the Dollars, Sense and Public Libraries report findings and a demonstration of the benchmarking tool created for Victorian public libraries.

The audience then heard from some public library advocates sharing their strategies and stories for inspiration.
  • Advocacy @ Darebin, Katrina Knox
  • Advocacy for public libraries, John Murrell
  • Geelong Regional Library Corporation, Patti Manolis
  • How did it come to this?, Sue McKerracher:
  • Overview of Dollars, Sense and Public Libraries research and findings, Andrew McDougall
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