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January 21, 2021

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Infonet Organisations

Organisation Name Name
2008 Viclink Great Public Libraries of the World Tour
2009-10 Shared Leadership Program Presentation Day
2010-11 Shared Leadership Program Presentation Day
2010 Tech Forecast: Library 2.0 Learning in the Real World: Stephen Abram
2012 Shared Leadership Program Presentation Day
2013 The Summer Read
2014 Shared Leadership Program Presentation Day
A Nation of Readers: are we there yet
Baby Boomers: Ageing and Engaging
Being The Best We Can
Being The Best We Can: Self-assessment and peer review reports
Leading Lights: scholarships and award winners share ideas and lessons learned
Building Audit of Victorian Public Libraries 2007
Cataloguing and End-Processing Specifications Project
Collaborative Procurement of Library Materials Project
Connecting the dots: people, libraries and technology
Content and Access in Victorian Public Libraries: A Strategic Blueprint 2006-2010
Cracking 'the hard nut': creative approaches to teen and adult literacy
Data collection and analysis: Improving library management and advocacy
Dollars, Sense and Public Libraries
Dollars Sense and Public Libraries: Advocates Day
Excellent Customer Service in Public Libraries - New Trends
Libraries After the iPad and Top Technology Trends
Libraries Building Communities - Online Survey Project
Libraries Building Communities Research & Development Project
Libraries, Web 2.0 and other internet stuff
LibraryLink Victoria workshop April 2009
Library Projects Team
Margery C Ramsay and Barrett Reid Scholarship Reports
New Horizons: Shaping tomorrow's libraries for the Victorian community
Outstanding partnership and social inclusion projects in Victorian public libraries
Paul Reynolds on 'Digital Strategies for Libraries in the 21st Century'
Public Libraries in the 21st Century: Chris Batt
Public Libraries Victoria Network Inc
Public Library Design: Working from the Inside Out and the Outside In seminar
Reaching the 'hard to reach'
Reader Development: A Reader-Centred Approach Seminar
Review, Rethink, Revitalise Mini-conference for public library staff - registrations open!
Seminar Presentations
Skills Audit for Victorian Public Libraries
Strategic Asset Audit of Victorian Public Libraries
The Big Issues: Public libraries, learning, technology and social inclusion seminar
The Future Starts Now: An analysis of the current library workforce in Victoria
The Working Group on Multicultural Library Services (Victoria)
Workforce Survey, Analysis and Planning Project
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